Starhub Sale November 08, 2018

2 MORE DAYS to our Singles' Day sale!Remember your hot date with Premium Lian LIVE on 10 Nov, Sat, CHELF noon. Come la, don't shy - got power lobangs, power presents, everything also power.

Singtel Sale November 07, 2018

Stay tuned for our 4-day Spotify Premium sale, coming to you this Friday (9 Nov) at singtel.com/Spotify - you could win yourself a pair of tickets to Charlie Lims concert on 7 Dec 18!Data-free music, only with Singtel Music.

Starhub Sale November 07, 2018

In the words of the OG of all Ah Lians - Queue for what? Premium Lian is all set for the tok-kong Singles Day sale. Come catch her on our Facebook Live on 10 Nov, Sat, 12pm. Ready already or not?

Starhub Sale November 05, 2018

The tok-kong Singles' Day sale is coming up. How ONZ are you?You better prepare - 10 Nov, Sat. If you're eyeing some power presents, don't forget to also catch Premium Lian on the same day, 12pm. Don't say bo jio


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