Takashimaya, February 21, 2019 New Promo

Heres how saving the environment can save you money go green by trading in your old juicer or blender and get up to 35% OFF any Hurom juicers from now to Thu 7 Mar 2019! Only available at Household Department, B1. #takashimayasg

Takashimaya Clearance Sale February, 2019

Need to stock up on household essentials? Get up to 70% OFF kitchenware, towels, rugs, tableware, home appliances and more at our Home.Living Clearance Sale! Catch us now at Takashimaya Square, B2 from now to Sun 3 Mar 2019!#takashimayasg

Takashimaya Clearance Sale February, 2019

Take this opportunity to refurbish your kitchen at our Household Hot Clearance Sale! From now to Mon 25 Feb 2019, enjoy up to 70% OFF selected tableware, cookware and kitchenware at Talking Hall, B1! See you there!#takashimayasg

Takashimaya Deals February 07, 2019

From now to Sun 17 Feb 2019, treat yourself to exclusive bundle deals for as low as $28 for two in our Post Chinese New Year Sale! Head on down to Takashimaya Square, B2 see you there!#takashimayasg


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