Muji, March 18, 2019 New Promo

Adopts an LCD screen which can clearly be read from any angle, this digital clock recalls the basic function of clocks: To have a well-balanced display of hours and minutes. Shop at 10% OFF till 3 April.

Muji, March 15, 2019 New Promo

Drop by your nearest MUJI store to try bite-sized pieces of these delicious munchies. Available during food tasting sessions between 2-3pm and 5-6pm till Sunday, at all stores. Get them at 10% OFF this weekend!

Muji, March 05, 2019 New Promo

Moisture-retaining silk is added to cotton to create a camisole that feels smooth on the skin. The bralet is mesh against the skin for cool comfort. Enjoy the Silk Mix Camisole with Removable Cups, now at 20% OFF till 3 April.

Muji, March 05, 2019 New Promo

Quench your thirst the health-boosting way with Triple Berries Apple Smoothie or one of Caf&meal's homemade sodas, and enjoy 50% OFF desserts. Come by between 2-5pm from Mondays to Fridays to enjoy your midday meet-ups.

Muji, March 02, 2019 New Promo

A soft cloth box, with an inner coating that can fold to be made compact when not in use. Use conveniently to store collectively small items and toys that are difficult to organize. Now at 10% OFF till 3 April.

Muji, March 01, 2019 New Promo

Free to place in any configuration to suit the occasion, in the perfect size, comfort and structure. Enjoy unit sofa and ottoman at 20% OFF till 3 April.

Muji, February 28, 2019 New Promo

With Organically grown Linen from Xinjiang, China, MUJI works with farmers to grow flax without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Absorbent and quick drying, Linen is a strong, durable cloth that can withstand repeated washing.

Muji, February 23, 2019 New Promo

Spot the item you need easily with transparent acrylic boxes, now at 20% OFF till Wednesday, 27 February. By using with a combination of an inner velour boxes, you can sort out earrings, rings and other small items better.


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