Muji, September 02, 2019 New Promo

Use the Living Dining Series in a relaxed living room or a cosy dining room. So versatile and customizable in a compact space. When the seats are connected, it creates a 2-seat or 3-seat sofa. Add on arm rests as you please.

Muji, September 02, 2019 New Promo

Your Own Cool Breeze. Enjoy efficient cooling with minimum energy input. Compact enough for your desk and so quiet, your colleagues wouldn't notice. The fan angle is also adjustable to face up, within a 30 degree range.

Muji - New Offers August 26, 2019

[Good Quality, Good Price, Good Living]With insoles that offer firm arch support so you can stay on your feet without getting tired. Treated with a water repellent finish to prevent aqueous stains. Now in stores with permanent price reduction!

Muji, August 23, 2019 New Promo

Categorize a whole range of items in your room with Polypropylene Storage boxes, now at 20% OFF till 1 September only! Made just translucent enough so you can identify your belongings easily.

Muji, August 19, 2019 New Promo

Designed so it stands on it's own, the clothes cleaner blends inconspicuously anywhere you place it. Now at 20% OFF till Wednesday, 21 August. Replacement tapes are also available.(U.P. $4.30 - $6.90)

Muji, August 16, 2019 New Promo

Diffuse the 'Homing' blend consisting of refreshing and relaxing aromas during your time of recharge. Enjoy a cool, dry, fragrant mist of eucalyptus, cypress and lemon to lift your spirits.

Muji, August 19, 2019 New Promo

Create a neat look for your assortment of documents with the Polypropylene File Boxes, now at any 2 for 20% OFF till 22 August.Need home furnishing and household solutions?


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