Muji, April 16, 2018 New Promo

There's nothing more relaxing than snuggling into fresh, new bedsheets. Or, give your bedrooms a new look with Organic Cotton Jersey Duvets, Bedsheets and Pillow Cases, now at 15% OFF till 2 May.

Muji, April 13, 2018 New Promo

Curious about Muji Sensitive Skin Series? Approach our staff this Saturday to get all you need to know about Muji Sensitive Skin Series. Exclusive promotions await!

Muji, April 13, 2018 New Promo

Drop by any MUJI store near you to taste these chocolatey delights and enjoy 10% OFF the Chocolate Coated Strawberries series. Food tasting will be available between 2 - 3pm and 5 - 6pm till Sunday!

Muji, April 12, 2018 New Promo

Travel in style with Hard Carry Case in a range of sizes to choose from, or opt for a Foldable Soft Carry Bag that can be made more compact.Don on versatile stoles to spice up your travel outfits. Enjoy these items at 15% OFF till 2 May.

Muji, April 11, 2018 New Promo

Feel a wave of satisfaction when you sort out your favourite items beautifully. Enjoy these Storage tools at 15% OFF from now till 2 May!

Muji, April 05, 2018 New Promo

To all our treasured customers a hearfelt thank you for your support over the years for MUJI to achieve its success. Join us for a great celebration and enjoy exciting promotions, gift-with-purchase and lucky draws!


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