Muji, August 16, 2019 New Promo

Diffuse the 'Homing' blend consisting of refreshing and relaxing aromas during your time of recharge. Enjoy a cool, dry, fragrant mist of eucalyptus, cypress and lemon to lift your spirits.

Muji, August 19, 2019 New Promo

Create a neat look for your assortment of documents with the Polypropylene File Boxes, now at any 2 for 20% OFF till 22 August.Need home furnishing and household solutions?

Muji, August 10, 2019 New Promo

Cleaning up and tidying can be made easier with these tools. Now at 20% OFF till 21 August! MUJI members can enjoy this last weekend of X2 MUJI$ till 12 August at all stores!

Muji, August 06, 2019 New Promo

Stretch denim pants that stretches both vertically and horizontally according to your movements to give extra comfort. Now at 10% OFF till 21 August.

Muji, August 09, 2019 New Promo

MUJI Singapore wishes all Singaporeans a happy national day! Come for great dessert promotion available till 18 August only.Visit us at Caf&Meal Plaza Singapura(#01-10) | Raffles City(#02-20) | Jewel Changi Airport(#02-227).

Muji, July 29, 2019 New Promo

Choose the softness of cushioning from a range of Bonnel Coil Mattresses. Get to add on storage units to your bed frames in 2 designs. Enjoy LAST 3 DAYS of Bed & Mattresses series now at 20% OFF till Wednesday, 31 July.

Muji, August 03, 2019 New Promo

Ease the stress for your travels by having a relaxing aroma diffused into your daily journey while on the go. The wireless Portable Aroma Diffuser runs without water needed and keeps the scent within an effective range of 0.5m.

Muji, July 22, 2019 New Promo

Add a combination of small PP make-up boxes to this nylon case for a custom makeup kit. Handles make it easy to carry. Nylon and PP Make-up boxes are now at 20% OFF till 31 July.

Muji, July 20, 2019 New Promo

For a good night's sleep, match the right bed frame and mattress to your sleeping posture. Underbed storages are also attachable. Enjoy the Bed and Mattress series at 20% OFF till 31 July.

Muji, July 19, 2019 New Promo

The large aroma diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to vaporise water and your desired essential oil in the tank to produce a cool, dry, fragrant mist. Flame free and safe for use around children and pets.


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