313@somerset - New Offers October 30, 2018

It's not just about how good you look, it's about how well you see. Mee Mee Eyecare offers a full range of expert eye health services, including orthokeratology and a comprehensive eye exam. See for yourself at Mee Mee Eyecare (04-03)

313@somerset, October 20, 2018 New Promo

Double Angus beef patties paired with a sunny side up, sandwiched between two charcoal buns, its no wonder this is So Shiok! For maximum shiok-ness, enjoy 50% off your second meal hurry, promo ends 31 October at Shiok Ave (B3-43)!

313@somerset Deals September 15, 2018

They drive, we drink. Gear up for the biggest night race of the year with a winning selection of wines & spirits fit for an F1 champ!Grab these fast and furious deals before 30 Sep 18 at 1855 The Bottle Shop (B2-44)

313@somerset Deals August 08, 2018

Hello, chocoholics enjoy the refreshing cold and sweetness of O'ma spoon Korean Dessert Cafe's Caramel Cookie Bingsu, a mountain of ice cream, Oreo Cookies and almonds.Even cooler weve got an exclusive flash deal for Oma Spoon (04-20).

313@somerset, August 03, 2018 New Promo

PSA for all you hard workers: TGIF starts early at JiBiru Japanese Craft Beer Bar (01-26) with $8 pints! Drop by with your office squad during lunch for an ice cold treat. Promotion runs from 12 - 3pm on weekdays.


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