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From Jun 22, 2017 (This is an ongoing promotion and there is no fixed end-date)
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It might sound cheesy to say you are buying a peace of mind but that doesn’t mean it’s not true! From as low as $12 for comprehensive coverage, it definitely worth getting travel insurance to have a worry-free overseas trip.

Most travel insurance provide the same basic coverage such as
- Flight cancellation, travel delays, etc
- Personal accident, medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation. Especially important if you need to return to Singapore for medical treatment!
- Loss or damage to personal belongings

Since prices for travel insurance are cheap, it comes down to the specific coverage when deciding which travel insurance to go for.

AXA Insurance is having a 50% OFF promo for their AXA SmartTraveller plan till 25th June which means around $11.50 for a very short trip to around $30+ for a longer one.

One thing that stood out for us was AXA’s coverage for personal belongings especially for expensive gadgets like your mobile phones and laptops.

For travel insurance, don’t be taken in by the overall claimable amount which range from $3000 onward, what you should pay attention to is how much you can claim per item. Some insurance plans lump all your expensive gadgets together with the rest of your personal belongings with a limit of only $250 per article, and for some plans, it’s as low as $50 per item.

AXA not only has a higher limit of $800 per item but your laptops and mobile phones are also covered under a separate category with a higher limit of $1000 per item. And that's a win for us.

For more details and to enjoy the 50% OFF discount (you don't have to key in a promo code), visit the AXA Insurance website via the link below:

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