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Travel to Zunyi, China with ASA Holidays

7D Guizhou Zunyi in-depth Tour Kaili Xijiang Miao Village+Zunyi+Maotai+Chishui Waterfall+Danxia Natural Heritage ASA Exclusivley: Silkair Boeing 737 Fly Direct to Zunyi, Guizhou (4hrs 30 miuntes)

Travel to Jiangnan, China with ASA Holidays

8D Jiangnan Gastronomic Delights Palatable Specialties for the whole journey Throughout 5* Hotel - Shanghai 2N International 5* Hotel The Highest Level Of Global Financial Centre (100 Floors)

Travel to Yunnan, China with ASA Holidays

8D Kunming / Dali / Lijiang / Yulong Snow Mountain / Shangri-La Wonderful Insight Tour Dali, A taste of old China in an idyllic setting Yulong Snow Mountain, A glacier closest to the equator in the world


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