Why Partner With HGS?

Target The Right People

The thousands of readers visiting Here Got Sale (HGS) are looking to buy! They are browsing for sales & promotions to visit and check out. Many companies already list their promotions on HGS, check them out here!
The HGS website received 100,000+ visits and 220,000+ page views in April 2016 and our iPhone app has been downloaded more than 12,000 times. We have also just launched our Android app along with a brand new interface and features for both apps.

Not only that, HGS is on the first page of many search results when shoppers look for sales or even other popular Singapore-related topics. Benefit from this by listing with us free-of-charge and reach out to shoppers that advertisers pay to target.

Rewards By Here Got Sale

Join Rewards by HGS to offer exclusive discounts to our readers and be featured prominently on the HGS website, mobile apps and social media! We will also feature your rewards in reviews and articles. A great way to gain more customers for your business!

It's completely free to join, so email us at team@heregotsale.com or find out more here.

Credible & Quality Content

While listing on HGS is free-of-charge, we constantly review the promotions submitted by retailers and brands to ensure that only quality content that are useful to our readers are listed.

Tell Shoppers Know About Your Business

HGS is also a great way to spread the word about your business or marketing campaigns. Start sharing by posting “News” content via your HGS Dashboard or engage us to write a featured article to get you the maximum exposure on the HGS platform.

Track How Much You Save Using HGS

You will be able to track the number of unique views and “Estimated Advertising Dollar Saved” for each Sale or News you have created. This lets you know approximately how much you have saved on marketing expenses by using HGS.

Currently, each Sale/News generally saves you $100 and above. The amount saved for popular promotions are many times higher such as the example given below.

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