Where to Shop for Books In Singapore

Raise your hand if you choose to shop online this GSS to escape the blistering heat. Fear not, you are very much not alone. In Ask Your Target Market`s survey, only 10% of respondents said they frequent brick and mortar bookstores.

Now the next question is which online book retailer should you opt for?

Amongst the numerous online book retailers available (Local ones such as Open Trolley, Gohd), Books Depository is my personal favourite. It has free shipping worldwide and a fuss free check-out procedure. Your book(s) will arrive in less than 14 days and the prices are usually 20-30% cheaper than bookstores. Books are mailed in bubble-wrap packaging and dispatched straight from the warehouse. This means there`s less hands handling them.  Thus you will be the proud owner of a pristine book, more virgin than you can ever get from the bookstore. Plus, a free bookmark accompanies every book. They are currently giving away colourable bookmarks. If you haven`t caught on the adult colouring book craze yet, colouring your Books Depository bookmark is a great way to start!

But if you prefer smelling the pages and running your hands along the spine of the book before buying, you can always do so at the many brick and motar bookshops in Singapore. Your best bet is Books Kinokuniya`s 43,000 sq ft flagship store at Ngee Ann City. It is home to over 500,000 book titles. If you can`t find the book you want there, you probably can`t find it anywhere else. Other commercial bookstores include Times, MPH and Popular. Or you could pay a visit to home-grown, independent bookstore BooksActually. They stock local Literature titles and have a team of friendly cats to purrfect your stay there.


Shopping is not only about snagging the best deals but is also about the retail experience. Every website, despite its varying layout and design, is likely to offer you a similar retail experience. But physical stores will not. A bookstore with harsh lighting and crowded aisles may send you running out the minute you step in. While a bookstore with cosy armchairs, soothing music and a smaller stream of patrons could draw you in for hours.

Its your call. Do you want to get only the hottest deal or do you also want to have a memorable shopping experience?


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