PasarBella - An Unique Food Market And Dining Experience

With over 30,000 square feet of market space and more than 30 stalls offering global cuisines, seafood, meat, dairy, fresh produce, wines and craft beers and more, a visit to PasarBella is a truly unique experience in Singapore. pasarBella2

It is best to go with an empty stomach, so that you don’t regret not having enough space to stuff yourself more. And if you’re visiting PasarBella with you and your date, here’s a good tip to make your trip memorable. Bring your own bottle of wine. Yes, you can bring your own. And make sure you remember to bring along the disposable wine glasses as well.



Once you are there, bring your date to visit the myriad of food stalls. There are many photo opportunities as it is beautifully decorated. PasarBella was incorporates many design elements found in farmer’s markets all around the world.



And now the food. For a start, NaNa’s Kitchen has some of the best Spanish Iberico ribs. It has been marinated to perfection and the meat just slides off the bones. This is one of the must-try dishes in PasarBella.


Next, try the Spanish paella from Le Patio. Try to be there at around 1.30pm, as the paella is cooked in a huge frying pan and in batches. If you’re late and if it runs out, it’s gonna take a while for the next batch to be cooked and ready. But it is really worth it as the paella has a very unique texture and it’s really soft and fragrant. It goes really well with the huge amount of prawn and mussels. Round it up with your bottle of wine and let yourself be immersed in the experience of Pasarbella.  


PasarBella @ The Grandstand Bukit Timah Singapore 200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994 Opens daily. STALLS : 9:30am to 7pm (Market hours may vary, and some stalls will stay open till 10pm.) RESTAURANTS : 10am to 10pm

Visit the PasarBella website    


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