5 Most Spicy Restaurants In Singapore (Part 1)

Where Chilli eaters are concerned, some do it for the thrill, some do it for the taste, some do it because they are bored, and yet some do it for all the above (Here at HGS, we do it solely for the thrill!)  

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  The humble Chilli pepper has been lauded for its medicinal benefits through the ages: it has been recognised as a source for antioxidants, as a metabolic rate booster, and even as an aphrodisiac. In Singapore, we like our food spicy, and as a result some restaurants have emerged or adapted, serving up some of the spiciest tongue scorching food around! Eating spicy food may be tough, but finding it shouldn’t be. Here are some restaurants which boast dishes at a level of spiciness that will make literally make you cry! We have not given these restaurants ratings as this is not a list for the gourmands; our prerequisites are that the food (1) must be spicy as hell! (2) must be affordable (3) customizable level of spiciness. This list is for the daredevils out there who like to challenge themselves and push themselves to the limit.  

1. Coco Ichibanya

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CoCo Ichibanya has a lot of heritage, being the Singapore branch of a famous curry house from Japan with 30 years in the business. We like how you can choose the amount of rice and most importantly, the spiciness of the curry. The dishes are very customizable; you can add many ingredients ranging from croquettes, spinach, sausages to even cheese. They even allow you to add/deduct price according to whether you want more or less rice in your curry. We like especially that the no frills approach; you start off with a very basic and reasonably priced plate of hot curry, from which you can build on more premium ingredients and higher quantities. At level 5 spiciness curry, we were sweating non-stop! 313@Somerset #B3-25/26/27, 313 Orchard Road Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 22:00 Sat - Sun & PH: 10:00 - 23:00  

2. Monster Curry

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Monster Curry is “monster” indeed. It features generous portions and thick curry. The main attraction here is more the spiciness of the curry than the ingredients. The curry has more “body” compared to Coco Ichibanya’s, we can tell that it is a lot more concentrated (not a bad thing) as it is both darker, thicker and richer tasting. Make no mistake, this is a “hot and heavy” meal. It should be noted that the experience is well rounded; you can get seafood, meat, vegetables and Omu rice all at once. As expected, spiciness level is customizable and we like the “5 Flame” level. Our tip: go for the combo curry Parco Marina Bay Outlet 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk Itadakimsu #03-05 Singapore 039596 Tel: 6333 4755 ION Orchard Outlet 2 Orchard Turn #B4-52 ION Orchard Singapore 238801 Tel: 6509 4555 313@somerset #05-01 Stall 24 Food Republic 313 Orchard Road Singapore 238895 Tel: 6836 6855 Daily: 11:00 - 21:30  

3. Sunset Grill and Pub


If you haven’t heard of Sunset Grill and Pub, it’s because they went on a temporary hiatus a few years ago. Originally located at Seletar Air Base, Sunset Grill has opened up in Jalan Kayu. They serve your standard western fare, but that’s for people in your party who can’t eat spicy at all. The main highlight of this place is this: The Spicy Buffalo wings. These wings are slathered in the hottest sauce ever. Level 10 (out of 35) is extremely hot. Our tip: Do not eat these very fast, these kind of spicy is the cumulative type of spicy, it gets to you sooner or later and you will really regret it if you scoff the wings down quickly. Also order the ice milk just in case; it works better than water for soothing your tastebuds. 259 Jalan Kayu Sun - Mon: 16:00 - 21:30 Wed - Thu: 16:00 - 21:30 Fri - Sat: 16:00 - 22:00 Closed: Tue  

4. Lao Chengdu


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Finally, you can have authentic spiciness Sichuan food without travelling all the way to China. Lao Chengdu serves up authenticity and pain in buckets. But the fact that the place is filled to the brim with non-Singaporeans (read: Chinese) patrons says more about the quality than words can. There are also non-spicy dishes to consider but we have to recommend the Mala Xiang Guo and the Water cooked beef/fish. Of course, like all our favourites, spiciness is customizable too. Old Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant 80/82 Pagoda St Singapore 059239 T: 6222 6858 Daily: 11:00 - 00:00

5. Lagnaa - Barefoot Dining


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Laagna barefoot dining is a “quintessential” Indian restaurant, offering the “authentic” experience of barefoot dining and indian food. We like the location which is quite central. More importantly, like our other choices, you can customize your level of spicy (Levels 1 through 10). The restaurant however has a policy of you needing to try a level 6 before you can get level 7 and up spiciness. We assure you, at level 8 we were tearing already!


Otherwise, the food was decent and we especially liked the Green curry tikka, as well as the Mutton Masala with the Butter garlic Naan as a staple. 6 Upper Dickson Rd Singapore 207466 Open everyday from 11:30am till 10:30pm    

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