Toys "R" Us, February 08, 2019 New Promo

Hello everyone. Hope everyone had a good holiday.Anyway! So we have a limited quantity of the LEGO CNY sets at Toys"R"Us VivoCity! We will only start selling these tomorrow at 10am SAT, 9TH FEB.Of course, to let everyone get a chance, only one per customer. Which means one Dragon Dance and one Reunion Dinner folks. Queue starts at 830am. More instructions will be given when you're in the queue, so don't worry. Some TNCs to take note:-1) Sets purchased are not applicable with any Promotions, Gift with Purchase, and Privileges2) Limited to one set per customer (1 Dragon Dance & 1 Reunion Dinner)3) Please try to ensure every one of your friends is in the queue with you. There will be no "I lining up first for friends" or "I helping people chope queue". Because that's just really irritating to people in the queue. Do take note that other people want the sets as well, and spend the time to go down

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