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Harnessing the power of Dead Sea minerals and nutrients, our Time Control collection includes firming and regenerating creams, serums and eye serums for aging skin target fine lines and wrinkles and work to diminish the effects of time.Luxury anti-aging skincare - Whether to correct, support or prevent, boosting your beauty regime with an anti-aging moisturizer can help restore and rebalance skin, while adding in those extra targeted ingredients to lift, plump and firm at the same time. For a more rejuvenated and radiant complexion that feel and smells incredible, add these hardworking heroes from -417 into your daily routine.They say a real lady never reveals her age. Keep everyone guessing what yours is with -417s top-notch Time Control skin care regimen.[Promotion] 1st @ 20% off, 2nd @ additional 18% off (U.P: $95 - $110 each)#SasaSingapore #skincare #timecontrol #minus417

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