Phoon Huat Coupon February 18, 2019

G.G CAKRAFT EARLY BIRD SPECIALS FROM NOW TILL 31 MAR 2019----------------------------------------- Sign up for our G.G. Cakraft Basic Masterclass at and enjoy 10% OFF* the G.G. Cakraft Advanced Masterclass! Sign up for BOTH the Basic and Advanced Masterclasses and you will receive $100 worth of Phoon Huat e-vouchers^ via the RedMan Shop App! Sign up for the G.G Cakraft Candle Cake class at and enjoy 10% OFF (UP: $490). Discounted price will be reflected at checkout.-----------------------------------------To enjoy the promotions on the Advanced Masterclass, follow these steps.Step 1:Sign up for the G.G. Cakraft Basic Masterclass at 2: Wait for our 10% OFF* Advanced Masterclass coupon code to be sent to your email within 4 working days.Step 3: Sign up for the G.G. Cakraft Advanced Masterclass at and apply the coupon code at checkout.Step 4:We will issue the $100 worth of e-vouchers^ to your account via the RedMan Shop app within 4 working days!Classes are held in mid June 2019. Find out more at now.-----------------------------------------*The 10% OFF coupon code for the Advanced Masterclass will be sent via email within 4 working days upon verification of successful sign ups for the Basic Masterclass. Customers may write in to with their order number if the coupon code is not received after 4 working days.^The $100 worth of e-vouchers will be issued in the form of 10 quantities of $10 e-vouchers. Upon verification of customers' successful sign ups for both the basic and advanced masterclasses, Phoon Huat will issue the e-vouchers to the customers' account via the RedMan Shop app within 4 working days. Voucher terms & conditions apply.

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