orchardgateway - New Offers July 04, 2018

If it makes you feel beautiful, then do it! Stay tuned for our Facebook Live (5/7 5.30pm) as we are going to check out what Belle Lady 03-10/11 is offering!GSS 2018:1) Classic Manicure and Classic Pedicure at $50.00 (Usual Price $89.80)2) Gel Manicure OR Gel Pedicure at $50.00 (Usual Price Gel Manicure $89.90, Gel Pedicure $99.90)3) Eyelash Extension at $39.90 (Usual Price $129.00)4) Oxyfacial Treatment at $39.90 (Usual Price $218.00)5) Aqua Peeling Facial Treatment at $39.90 (Usual Price $188.00)6) Whitening Teeth Service at $39.90 (Usual Price $288.00)#GSS2018 #stayontrend #bellelady #orchardgateway

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