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The 15th day of the first lunar month is the first full moon night of the year. Known locally as Chap Goh Meh (Hokkien for 15th Night), it is the last day of Chinese New Year celebrations. Known to the Chinese-speaking as (the Yuanxiao Festival), families traditionally gather together for a time of reunion with a bowl of tangyuan ( as called by the Southern Chinese) or of Yuan Xiao ( as called by the northerners). Tang Yuan or Yuanxiao are glutinous rice balls symbolising reunion, harmony and happiness for the family.This festival is also known as The Lantern Festival (not to be confused with the Mid-Autumn Festival which is also known as the Lantern Festival). In ancient times, in order to expel the fear of darkness, lanterns were lighted up and hung together, for prayers for light. The widely-celebrated Lantern Festival in China brings people together. Men and women weave through carnivals of lanterns and its easy for singles to find their future mates, hence making the Yuanxiao Festival in China a Valentines Day too!Feel free to share our e-greeting with your family and friends! From all of us here at OG, we would like to wish everyone !

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