NTUC FairPrice, January 02, 2018 New Promo

Starting from scratch, Chia Lee Leng worked as a part-time cashier for 3 years, before rising up to become a full-time chief cashier at FairPrice Xtra. Now, she supervises her cashier staff where she constantly updates them on new promotions. At first, Lee Leng wasnt confident in her skills. Over time, she quickly adapted to her job and took on greater responsibilities. Despite challenges to juggle her workload, she is always focused on finishing her duties first, and she ensures that her cashiers are well-trained in providing good customer service.Admire her dedication and attitude to learn? Leave Lee Leng a compliment below! #FacesofFP #FPbetterlivesFairPrice Xtra | Ang Mo Kio Hub

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This shopper is a person of few words ;)
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