NTUC FairPrice, April 23, 2019 New Promo

Dont wait for others to be kind, be the first to show them kindness. Cynthia is the best example of the saying youre never too old to learn. When she joined FairPrice as a cashier two years ago, she had little knowledge of how to use a computer. But that didnt stop her. With the help of her co-workers, she was dedicated to learning the skills on-the-job and was recently promoted to Chief Cashier for her outstanding work performance. Her determination to be the best version of herself stretches to her daily interactions with customers too. To prevent shoppers from making unnecessary trips to the store, shell personally give them a call to inform them when certain products are re-stocked. Its the commitment from people like Cynthia that makes FairPrice a great place to shop at. Dont you agree? #FacesOfFP #FPbetterlives FairPrice Finest | Punggol Waterway Point

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This shopper is a person of few words ;)
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