Limited Edt, July 10, 2019 New Promo

Remember when we asked you guys to trash out your recently copped Jordan x SB and post it up while also tagging us? Well, to those who have already done so, you may tag us again with an even more trashed out Jordan x SB pair while for those who have not, this is your final chance as this will be the FINAL week to do so as the competition will be close next Wednesday. Take a picture of your trashed out Jordan x SB, post it up on Instagram while also tagging us @limitededt_sg and make sure to set your profile open or else we would not be able to see your entries. The grand prize is of course another pair of the Jordan x SB which is free for the one who is most deserving and what we feel is the most trashed out pair. So good luck to those participating and the winner will be announced next Thursday!

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This shopper is a person of few words ;)
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