Le Creuset Sale June 11, 2018

NEW KITCHEN GOALS!!! .Fun, colourful and functional - introducing the new All-Silicone Medium Spatula from Le Creuset!.Flexible yet sturdy, made from heat-resistant silicone (up to 250C), the silicone spatula protects your cookware from any scratches, plus ergonomic grip rings on the handle increase comfort and control during cooking. Whats more, washing is a breeze and, theres no worry of food stains..The perfect way to colour co-ordinate your cooking! Available in:- White- Cherry Red- Flame- Powder Pink- Marseille- Soleil- Palm- Caribbean Blue.Make use of our GSS Sale (ends 30 Jun18) to enjoy up to 50% off our regular items. Available at all Le Creuset retail counters.(http://www.lecreuset.com.sg/shop/)

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