FoodPanda, December 05, 2018 New Promo

We asked all of you what you would do with the 100 hours of your year that you can now get back with our new Pick-Up feature, saving you all the time you spend queueing for food. We picked the best answer and the grand prize goes to... Brian! Brian wants to spend the 100 hours learning how to speak French so he can turn his dreams of going to culinary school in Paris into reality, and we're going to help him do just that! Hey Brian, check your email - we'll send you further details on how to collect your prize there!Thank you to everyone else who played with us. Stay tuned for more fun competitions and in the meantime, have you tried Pick-Up yet? Use code PICKUP and get $5 off your first order!**Valid for the first 1,500 users only until 31/1/2018.

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This shopper is a person of few words ;)
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