Cheers - New Offers March 26, 2019

Do the Carebears bring back memories from your childhood? It sure does for Cordelia (@c0rde)! Check out her review on the limited-run* scented Carebear collectibles, released by Cheers. *Available from 19 March to 15 April. Offer available at selected Cheers & FairPrice Xpress stores. While stocks last.[Repost]Growing up with Carebears, Im super excited that Cheers has released this adorable limited edition Carebear collectibles!!! AND IT IS SCENTED!!!!! They smell so gooooood with different flavours! My favourite is Love A Lot Bear, she smells just like a strawberry!!.From 19th March to 15th April, with every minimum spend of $5 in Cheers (exclude cig, fuel and statutory items), you can purchase them at a discounted price @ $6.95 (UP : $9.90 each).Every week, 1 type of carebear will be released each with a diff fragrance!!! Grab yours today before they are gone!!

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