The Body Shop, June 28, 2018 New Promo

Help your skin bounce back to youth with our Drops of Youth skincare range! Claim your FREE Drops Of Youth Youth Cream and Drops Of Youth Concentrate samples here: from Hayley Woo Now that Im in my mid-twenties, I realise my skin is starting to age and its very important to step up my anti-aging skincare game!So its crucial that I start pampering my face with much more TLC.Lately, Ive been testing out a new set of skincare regime by The Body Shop. Using the Drops of Youth Concentrate + Drops of Youth Youth Cream in the day and Drops of Youth Concentrate + Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask in the night.I like how my skin feels whenever I wake up the next day! Definitely feels replumped & more bouncy.#TheBodyShopSg #DropsOfYouth#HayleyWoo #sp

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