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Sasa Deals September 02, 2019

It's another round of PAYDAY FRENZY TIME! Pamper yourself with great deals from Sasa's EXCLUSIVE brands! Tight on budget? Too spoilt for choices? Fret not, we have great deals cater to all your needs and wants!

Sasa Sale September 01, 2019

KOCOSTARs Face spot mirror patches contains tea tree leaf oil, grape seed extract, and salicylic acid all of which to assist in reducing redness and treating blemish on your beautiful skin.Say goodbye to those pesky blemishes and hello to beautifu

Sasa, August 26, 2019 New Promo

Timeless and iconic, REPLAY's Signature for Man and Woman are made for those who have always lived their lives with curiosity and passion. Curious? Find out more about these beauties in any of our stores islandwide!

Sasa, August 26, 2019 New Promo

Keep your akin revitalised with Algologie's Revitalising range! Consists of 7 different steps, these are vital to your skin. Swipe right to find out its benefits! Enjoy 19% OFF if you're a member! Not yet a member?


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